21 Days of Prayer

on Thursday, 28 February 2019.

21 Days of Prayer

21 Days of Prayer

We are so excited to pray together as a church during the 21 Days of Payer. We believe God has given us a clear call to seek Him for three weeks leading into Easter. So from March 31st to April 20th we will be meeting daily to press in to the Lord together with anticipation and expectation, knowing that God loves us, has invited us, and is going to act in ways beyond what we can ask or imagine. 

All will be invited to put requests on our prayer wall for the whole church to pray for. Imagine a great army of believers praying for the thing God has put in your heart to ask! Monday through Friday we will be meeting from 6-7am, and on Saturday, when we will also be providing child care, we will be meeting from 9-10am. These upbeat prayer services will be a life-giving way to start your day. 

How great is the cost? Let’s be honest. While some people love to rise before the sun starts shining, many do not. Just the normal demands of the day to day with our full and busy lives can at times be overwhelming. We get that, and there is a cost to rearranging your schedule for three weeks, but the benefits are going to drastically out weigh the costs. What if God answers our prayers?  What if strongholds are broken? What if people who don’t know Jesus are brought into the knowledge and love of Him? What if people are healed? What if the Lord pours out His Spirit on us in a fresh and powerful way? 

I’m not sure what the Lord is going to do, but I do know He has invited us to seek Him together at this time. Maybe the better question is, what happens if we don’t pray? What happens if we don’t say yes to the Lord’s invitation to come to Him in this way? I think the answer is simple. Nothing. Nothing happens. And what a great tragedy that would be to miss out on the good things that God has for us. 

So join us. Let’s press in to what God has for us together. Pray about who the Lord might want you to invite to come with you, and let’s go for it. Let’s ask God for big things, expect big things, and rejoice in all that our God does! 21 Days of Prayer at MVC is something you will not want to miss! 


Peace of Jesus, 

Josh Weaver

Pastor of Worship Arts