April 6

on Thursday, 30 March 2017.

April 6

Day 9 - the Spirit empowering God’s people (OT) - Samson

In your own words ask God to help you hear and understand what He’s saying through His Word, and give thanks for the Holy Spirit that is empowering you to walk with Him after this devotional is done. Then read these verses (out loud if you are able).


Judges 14:5-6; 15:14-15 (NLT)

5 As Samson and his parents were going down to Timnah, a young lion suddenly attacked Samson near the vineyards of Timnah. 6 At that moment the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon him, and he ripped the lion’s jaws apart with his bare hands. He did it as easily as if it were a young goat. But he didn’t tell his father or mother about it… 14 As Samson arrived at Lehi, the Philistines came shouting in triumph. But the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon Samson, and he snapped the ropes on his arms as if they were burnt strands of flax, and they fell from his wrists. 15 Then he found the jawbone of a recently killed donkey. He picked it up and killed 1,000 Philistines with it. 


Yesterday we saw the Spirit of God at work filling people with natural abilities and gifts. Here we see the Spirit of God poured out upon a person to do things above and beyond what any person should be capable of. In Samson’s case, the Spirit of God comes upon him and gives him great strength in battle. God uses one man to bring justice and fight back against those who are oppressing and destroying God’s people. Though we are limited in our ability, nothing is impossible for God. Jesus himself said that those who followed Him would do even greater things than He did. If you read the whole story of Samson, it’s easy to see how broken and flawed a person he was. Imperfect people surrendered to the will of God are capable of extraordinary things by the Holy Spirit’s power! What amazing grace that the Triune God involves people like us in His great work in the world. 


What battles are you facing today? How does God want to use you to do more than you could accomplish on your own?


Give thanks to God for how He is able to empower normal people by the Holy Spirit to do extraordinary things; then make your requests known to God regarding the battles you are facing today. Ephesians 6 reminds us that our struggle isn’t actually against “flesh and blood” but rather against spiritual forces that are opposed to God. The invitation in response to that is to pray in the Spirit. Invite God’s Spirit to lead you in the way that you should pray today and then follow as the Spirit leads.