Fall Series - RESOURCES

on Tuesday, 10 September 2019.

Fall Series - RESOURCES


A Word from Pastor Pat

“I am excited and even more so burdened to do a series this fall on our emotions!  I am burdened because I know in this broken world so many of us have experienced brokenness in our emotions resulting in us being hampered from living the full, abundant and authentic life that Jesus saved us for. Also, we learn in 1 Thessalonians 5 that God is not only concerned to do His work in our spirits but also in our souls and bodies! I have met so many Christians who know very well the truth of the Bible but are not in touch with the truth regarding what is going on in their souls!  This impacts their own joy as well as relationships they have at home, school and work place. Pastors have often stayed away from this topic in the pulpit leaving this work to the Christian counselors or even the secular psychological world to deal with. But I believe that God has something to say about this area of our life and look forward to stepping into this along with my brothers and sisters at MVC.”

- Pastor Pat Peglow



If you are serious about God meeting you deep in your soul and doing a TRANSFORMING work you must start with this understanding – “SOUL WORK IS SLOW WORK” Here are a few resources we can point you to for more help than just a Sunday series can do.

Read the Book of PSALMS

God’s deep look into the soul and its variety of emotions and experiences and how God ministered to it!  

Small Groups 

We have created material that will help put you face to face with your own heart and Jesus so as to find some healing in the context of community. If you are not in a Small Group, and wish to get connected, you can e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or visit our Next Steps table.

Emotional Resilience

We all have emotions. Living with the Fruit of the Spirit is a journey that many others before you have taken and can testify that it works. The principles that you will learn in this program will help you live in a way you have never lived before. ER is not a self help program, a positive thinking technique or a quick fix. Emotional resilience is learned through weekly group meetings, exercises, mentoring and a deep and nurturing devotional life. Over time, you will see significant and lasting change in the way you react to life, relate to others and regulate your emotions. It becomes a way of life. This class will be on Tuesday nights beginning October 8th, taught by Pastor, counselor and recovery coach, Ron Ovitt.

Celebrate Recovery

Meeting that will take place to help Christians address the habits, hangups and hurts that are crippling their lives.  It will be an intense study of the 12 STEPS program and the spiritual aspect of it. Each participate is to work the program thoroughly with the help of one another in a group setting. CR will meet on Thursday evenings at 7PM starting October 17th.

Week of Prayer 

The Struggle is Real, but so is hope. God is greater still. We believe God has given us a clear call once again for the entire body to come together to pray. Starting Sunday, October 6th, to Saturday, October 12th, we will be gathering together daily for prayer to press into the Lord’s presence, experience His power, and see Him accomplish what only he can do in our lives regarding emotional healing.


3 books that have impacted our Pastors life:

Inside Out - Larry Crabb – RADICAL HONEST look at what is inside of us

True Faced – Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol and John Lynch – How sin, repentance and grace impact our Spiritual health

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality – Pete ScazzeroIt addresses the fact that you can not be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature and some practices that can help us grow into emotional maturity!