God is on a Mission



God is on a Mission
Various Passages  Jan 15, 2017   

  1. Introduction:

    1. About 6 years ago God hit the RESET BUTTON regarding the direction and purpose of my life and ministry.

      1. I had found myself for years very BUSY in the ministry doing all kinds of good and important things both with the church and people.

        1. At CHURCH I was running to meeting and appointments, dealing with church problems and people problems, , working on sermons & church policies, dealing with conflicts, responsibilities, needs and crisis.

      2. PERSONALLY I was at doctor’s visits and cleaning the house and doing house repairs, cutting grass and taking cars to the mechanic, etc

      3. But as I was prayerfully meditating upon my life God spoke clearly to my heart that I was keeping the BIG MACHINE of MVC running but my life was not oriented around HIS PURPOSES and MISSION.

    2. At that time I became deeply aware that life and ministry can be full of all kinds of MAINTENANCE, you know the UPKEEP of things that ARE NECESSARY to keep things working properly.      

      1. Meetings and budgets and sermons and policies etc are NECESSARY to keep the church operating.  And doctors visits and cleaning the dishes etc are NECESSARY to keep your life and house going!

      2. But Maintenance is NOT what LIFE IS ALL ABOUT, it is only necessary to keep it running properly.  

      3. I was so BUSY and overwhelmed with the things I needed to do to keep my life and ministry operating well that I LOST SIGHT to the fact that there is MORE TO LIFE!   

      4. I was living a LIFE OF MAINTENANCE rather than a LIFE ON MISSION!  I was busy but I was not focusing upon or orienting my life around God’s mission and purpose for my life!

    3. There must be others here this morning that might find themselves in the SAME PLACE I was in not living by PURPOSE or on MISSION for God either because they are so caught up in the MAINTENANCE of life or they are just TREADING WATER trying to keep their head above water because they are in RECOVERY MODE from some hurt, habit or hang-up!

    4. When we live a life of maintenance God becomes the GREAT MAINTENANCE MAN in the Sky who LIVES TO meet our many needs and fix our many problems.  We would NEVER SAY this out loud but in many ways we see Him as OUR SERVANT to meet our needs.  

      1. When we live a life on Mission we see ourselves as GOD’S SERVANT and we live to serve His purposes!

      2. Let me ask you 2 QUESTIONS

        1. Which of these two views of God and ourselves fits the view of the BIBLE?  

        2. Which of these two views of God and ourselves describes YOUR PERSONAL view?

  • Did you know that God is on a Mission, there is something He is working out in this world?  

  1. God is on Mission

    1. We learned last fall in a series we called BLESSINGS that God had bound Himself through a covenant with Abraham to BLESS ALL THE NATIONS of the World through an offspring of Abraham.    Read Gen 12:3

      1. We learned that SEED or descendant of Abraham was Jesus Christ

      2. And we learned that the HEART OF THE BLESSING that God was going to bring to all the world was SALVATION through Jesus Christ.  Listen:

        1. Gal 3:8

        2. Acts 3:25-26

      3. We see in the book of Revelation, the book that reveals to us what will happen in the future that God will bring His COVENANT TO PASS.  Read Rev 7:9

    2. Now turn in your bibles to Isa 49.  This is a passage where God is telling the MESSIAH, Jesus just what HIS PURPOSE, HIS MISSION will be when He comes.  Tells Him WHY He is sending Him.

      1. Read v5-6

      2. NOTE 2 things

        1. V 5,6 even Jesus came as a SERVANT

        2. V6 – it was TOO SMALL a thing just to bring ISRAEL to God but God’s PURPOSE/MISSION for Jesus was to bring SALVATION to all the World!

      3. And we know from Jesus life and own words that He did not “come to be served but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many!”  

    3. The APOSTLES saw this mission that was specifically given to Jesus AS THEIR OWN mission as well.

      1. Turn to Acts 13:46-47 – Context is the Jews have once again REJECTED the preaching about Jesus Christ and listen to Paul’s and Barnabas RESPONSE,  Read

      2. Note that Paul said “the Lord has commanded “US” then QUOTES the mission given to Jesus.

      3. We just read that this is what God said TO JESUS not PAUL and the Apostles.  WHY did he say that?  I think of 2 reasons:

        1. Because he know at the GREAT COMMISSION that Jesus told the apostles to “make DISCIPLES of all the nations” and just before He ASCENDED into Heaven he told them to “be His WITNESS even to the remotest part of the earth!”  -  Simply Jesus GAVE the mission He received to the apostles to CONTINUE the same mission

        2. 2ndly Paul knowing that since he was a part of Jesus BODY he knew that now he is the VEHICLE through which Jesus now carries out His work on earth.

    4. Since Jesus is the HEAD of the church and the Apostles are the FOUNDATION of the church and believers in Jesus make up the rest of the church as the LIVING STONES that makes us the TEMPLE of God here on earth now,  we are now Jesus OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVES here on earth carrying out His Mission God began in Gen 12, was confirmed in Isa 49, given to the church in the Great Commission in Mt 28 and in Acts 1:8 when we are called to be His witnesses to even the remotest part of the earth.  

      1. Turn to 2 Cor 5

      2. Jesus did the WORK of reconciliation -  Bringing man into a RELATIONSHIP with God by dealing with the OBSTACLE that sin brought into our relationship.  Read 17-18a

      3. And God committed to us the WORD of Reconciliation. 18b-19   

      4. Jesus did the WORK and we spread the WORD

      5. He calls that the work of an AMBASSADOR of Jesus ChristJesus official representatives here on earth carrying out His mission and spreading His word.  Read v20

      6. Note up earlier in this passage WHY Jesus DIED for us!  

        1. Read v14-15  

        2. We often THINK OF OUR SALVATION in terms of forgiveness, power over sin, fullness of life and heaven some day.  

        3. But we learn here that Jesus died SO we can LIVE FOR HIM – live for His INTEREST, live for His GLORY, live to carry out the MISSION He began and entrusted to us!

  • God’s purposes are centered on


  1. Jesus Christ

    1. Read Eph 1:9-10 – God’s will and History is moving towards everything being summed up in Jesus Christ – the seed through whom God said He was going to bless all the world!

    2. Read Col 1:16 -18– Jesus have first place in everything.  That includes your life and my life and that even means first place in the purpose for my life, a life lived first for Him!

    3. The Bible teaches us that God did not just predetermine that we would be saved and forgiven and go to heaven but He predetermined that we be saved and forgiven and that he would use everything in our lives to conform us to the image of Jesus Christ!  

      1. Read Rom 8:28-29

      2. And to be conformed to the image of Jesus means that we would be conformed to His image to the point that His even to His purpose and Mission become our purpose and mission!

    4. So as a church, MVC is seeking to better align itself with the Mission that God began way back with Abraham: so we say it like this

      1. Vision (end) – TO SEE Jesus Treasured Here, There, Everywhere

      2. Mission (means)

        1. Full - We are a Church Called to BRING people to Jesus; a Community Committed to BECOME more like Him!

        2. Simplified – To BRING People to Jesus, To BECOME More Like Jesus

    5. So you have an opportunity to make a “life” decision to no longer live a LIFE OF MAINTENCE but rather a LIFE ON MISSION, to reset your personal life so you will be in line with the very reason why God created and saved you!   

      1. Maybe after a week of considering what you heard last week God has been SPEAKING to you to make this decision, a decision to INVITE the Holy Spirit to make you an INTENTIONAL OWNER of God’s mission and to make you a person who GENUINELY CARES about others and puts the LORDS INTEREST above your own!  

      2. We encourage you to PARTNER with other brothers and sisters at MVC so MVC might make a POWERFUL IMPACT for Jesus Christ right here in the southwest Chicago area and around the world and SEAL that decision by signing the wall in the Atrium!