on Monday, 11 September 2017.



This is a morning to gather together for good food, time to grow as brothers in Christ, pray, lift up and encourage one another all while diving into the Word studying Romans. The theme of the book centers on the Gospel of Christ (Rom. 1:16,17). Paul is deeply concerned that his readers understand how a sinner may be received as righteous by a righteous God; and how a justified sinner should live daily to the glory of God.

Here are just some of the questions Romans will answer:

What is the good news of God?  Is Jesus really God?  What proves He is God?  Why did He come?  What is God like?  How can God send people to hell?  What will happen to people who have never heard the gospel?  Why do men reject God and Christ?  What is man's biggest sin? 

Don't miss out this is an adventure you will surely remember!

Next Gathering: February 24th

Week 1:  Overview

Week 2:  The Gospel as the Revelation of the Righteousness of God (1:1–17)

Week 3:  God’s Righteousness in His Wrath against Sinners (1:18–3:20)

Week 4:  The Saving Righteousness of God (3:21–4:25)

Week 5:  Hope as a Result of Righteousness by Faith (5:1–21)

Week 6:  The Triumph of Grace (6:1–7:25)

Week 7:  Life in the Spirit (8:1–39)

Week 8:  God’s Promises to Israel (9:1–33)

Week 9:  God’s Righteousness in His Plan for Jews and Gentiles (10:1–11:36)

Week 10:  Living in Light of the Gospel (12:1–13:14)

Week 11:  The Extension of God’s Righteousness through Mission (14:1–16:23)

Week 12:  Final Summary of the Gospel of the Righteousness of God (16:25–27)