At Moraine Valley Church, we believe that a healthy family is one that treasures Jesus together.    We understand that this is a process that begins at birth and never really ends.  Our hope is to partner with families to pursue a goal of leading Christ centered lives.  That’s why our children’s ministries are woven into the fabric of a much larger tapestry that we call Family Ministry. 


It is our privilege to serve parents and their children and together, we can help children form their earliest impressions of a loving God.  Would you join to help young lives learn how to treasure Jesus here, there, everywhere?


Sunday Morning Programs :


Sunday JAM, Jesus and Me  9:30am-11am

Baby ZONE - birth through 36 months

JAM City - 3 years to kindergarten    

JAM, In The Attic - 1st through 5th grade


Kidz ROCK! - K through 5th grade

Join us Wednesday nights, from 7PM-8:30PM, and witness the high octane that comes from knowing what it means to treasure Jesus. We fuel the night with worship music, games and sport while sharing Biblical truths. 

Family Faith Celebrations:

We believe that milestones that families pass through should be celebrated together with the church.  That’s why the Family Ministry intentionally schedules days of celebration with the large church to share these great moments together.

Child Dedication - The Child Dedication milestone connects you as a new parent with the magnificent responsibility and opportunity of leading your children spiritually.

Next Child Dedication Sunday: December 2nd

Parenting Class: November 10th

Bible Dedication - This Family Faith Celebration is for children who are able to read on their own, in second grade, and have been faithful participants in Sunday JAM.  A special series of classes will help prepare them for this milestone.



Promise Packs are designed to empower and encourage the God given potential that each child holds. Just like children in the United States, children in developing countries dream of what they want to be when they grow up. They dream of a better life, having a career they enjoy and providing for loved ones. An education is critical yet approximately 57 million children of primary school age are not able to receive even a primary education and fall short of their full potential, repeating the cycle of poverty passed down to them by generations that came before. Please join us in encouraging your child to look for ways to raise funds throughout the week. Together, we can build a better world for children.

The Opportunity:

These children dream of what they want to be when they grow up, such as a doctor, teacher, lawyer or an entreprenuer. They dream of a better life where the day-to-day is less of a struggle. They dream of having a career they enjoy, providing for loved ones and being looked up to in their communities. Yet, too often the harsh realities of poverty set in, and dreams become distant. The cost of school supplies that would allow a child to attend school and get an education can be an unsurmountable financial burden for a family in the developing world. Despite their hopes and abilities, these children become victimized by a life they did not choose, falling short of their full potential and repeating the cycle of poverty passed down to them by the many generations that came before. There are also health barriers that prevent children from reaching their full potential. Every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria (UNICEF, 2013).

Here are the important dates to note:

Sunday 10/21: Promise Packs Rally and Fun Fest

Saturday, 11/3: Promise Packs Family Connection 10AM-12PM in our Chapel  (this is when we pack the backbacks together and write a personal note).

You can also go to World Vision’s website and go to fundraisers and churches to find Promise Packs. Our goal is to raise $4800 for 200 Promise Packs. 


If you are already serving with our MV Kids, click the link below to view our fall schedule!



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