REVOLUTION – Monday  Nights 7-9PM

Revolution is a high energy and welcoming environment filled with live worship, challenging messages, small groups and games.  We believe we are better in community, that is why Every student is paired with a small group where caring adults can invest in students and friendships can grow.

Current Series “Greater >”

We know the moon is not larger than the sun, and yet a couple times a year it can block the sun from people’s view.  In the same way – we know the challenges we face are not larger than our God. Yet, when we face them they can eclipse us from the reality of who God is causing us to doubt, shrink back or give in.  


This series is part of our Character of God series. We are asking our students to change their perspective and find out why it matters that God is bigger than our excuses, our past, our pain, our temptation, and our reputation. We will close out series with a challenge that John said “You must become greater and I must become less.”


Student Leadership Training – Wednesday Nights 7PM

Student Leadership Training is built around community, God’s Word and leadership development.  We believe God’s future leaders can lead today.  As emerging leaders, students learn communication skills, planning skills, and peer-care skills as well as a devoted time in better understanding God’s Word.  Every night begins with a dinner so come hungry.   


Student Pathway – Sunday Mornings 11:15AM – 12:15

We believe in equipping students to read God’s Word and learn how to apply it to life.  After our worship service, students gather for a time of connection and Bible study. Every semester we work through a different book of the Bible applying a different study technique.  Students are equipped to facilitate discussion and apply it to real world topics.