Milestones - Family Faith Celebrations:


We believe that milestones that families pass through should be celebrated together with the church. That’s why the Family Ministry intentionally schedules days of celebration with the large church to share these great moments together.

Child Dedication - This is an exciting time for your family in so many ways. The Child Dedication milestone connects you as a new parent with the magnificent responsibility and opportunity of leading your children spiritually. When you present your child to God, even as Mary and Joseph did, you are acknowledging two simple facts. First, your child is God’s creation and, therefore, God’s possession. Second, as stewards of God’s possession, you have the responsibility to intentionally raise your child in a way that’s pleasing to God. The body of Moraine Valley Church has chosen to partner with you in this Family Faith Celebration. Throughout Scripture, God’s path for spiritual growth marks a common path—a path that Jesus walked himself. A path of spiritual growth where the Bible, family, and faith were not mutually exclusive.  A path where your family and the church walk hand in hand.

Bible Dedication - This Family Faith Celebration is for children who are able to read on their own, in second grade, and have been faithful participants in Sunday JAM. A special series of classes will help prepare them for this milestone. A reception will follow the Dedication in the Chapel for extended family.